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"It's about the whole look" - Web Empress

"Your internet business site must be beautiful and powerful, a strong contender in the swiftly-developing online network."
Web Empress is the brainchild of Ingrid Heyn, who studied science, music and classical studies at Melbourne University, and linguistics at La Trobe University.

"I gained most of my web design knowledge not so much through the formal training... but rather through experimentation. It's not so much being taught as it is learning. I learned through taking apart code and putting it back together... I learned through seeing what worked and didn't work... I learned through observing other sites and seeing what looked good and what didn't.

"I learned, too, that one needs a passion for seeing websites not only work... but look gloriously right.

"Learning for oneself is the most exciting - and definitely the most rewarding - way of coming to grips with something as organic as web coding. It gives one the freedom to explore alternative design methods, experience for oneself the frustration of the wrong way, and the sheer pleasure of getting it absolutely right. A site might look good, work well, seem fine - in one browser and for one resolution. But good design and good coding goes beyond that!

"With the increasing importance of web design standards as developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), I've focused on elegant and clean coding, with design elements separated into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files. Creating superb looks for a website - superb looks that WORK across all the major browsers and for ALL end users - is something about which I'm adamant. Adhering to W3C standards ensures that my designs won't "break" (fail to render correctly cross-browser)."

Web Empress is based in Melbourne, Australia. Clients need not be based in Melbourne - international customers are welcome.

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From concept to design, Web Empress works to provide you with a website to suit your design criteria.

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