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Going For A Unique Look

Browsing habits today are fast... impatient... It's very much a case of "saw your light was on, thought we'd drop in."

Users browse for information, for purchasing, out of curiosity, or just for fun. And the vast, vast, vast majority of users will already have seen a thousand sites just like yours... or will they?

There is a tendency for sites promoting similar services to resemble each other. There is a tendency for sites selling similar products to look like part of a large online franchise - something like “Computers and Peripherals Online, Unlimited, The Whole Lot”.

The only major differences between some sites are the logos and company names used. And even they don't look so very different!

Why is this happening?

There are a number of reasons - some of them very good ones. They include the wish for a site to be instantly identifiable by a first-time visitor as providing a particular service, product, or type of information; the wish for a business or corporate name that has keyword associations (for good search engine ranking - hence all the similar names!); the need for logos to load quickly; and the wish to include product or services images that instantly convey relevant information.

But isn't this possible to achieve without ending up with a uniform look? Of course... but the human tendency is to conform to a particular look or formula. That's why fashion exists as a concept - customers trot off to buy what's in fashion rather than what suits them.

The end result - there are fewer sites that stand out from the crowd as unique, interesting, exciting, something special, while still offering relevance, ease of use, and identifiability.

For sites that lack a unique look, the danger is that, unless they're offering deals that are famous and remarkable, they won't necessarily be remembered by casual visitors who decide to return as customers. “Was it this site? Or was it that site? They all look so alike... I can't remember which one I thought was the best.”

At Web Empress, we want you to be remembered. We want you to have a strong, unique, and powerful online presence. If you want a clean look, if you want a rich and sombre look, if you want a discreetly luxurious look, if you want a jazzy snazzy look, if you want a cute and friendly look... you can have that in a unique way.

You're you. You deserve a site that reflects you...

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