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"Your internet business site must be beautiful and powerful, a strong contender in the swiftly-developing online network."
Going fluid
Fluid design - also known as liquid design - is an approach to website creation that isn't limited to the rigid design concepts that are necessary for print design.

While fixed design isn't to be entirely avoided, by far the most responsive approach to the huge array of screen resolutions, monitor sizes, and differing browsers used by your potential clients all over the world is LIQUID or FLUID design.

By designing a website with various resolutions and browsers in mind, the flexibility of the internet becomes, not a drawback... but an asset.

At Web Empress, we take a fluid or semi-fluid approach to web design, to give you the benefit of having fixed-widths for elements that require it, and fluid widths for elements that can gracefully flow within your web page as appropriate.

We want your website to look good... whatever the resolution.

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From concept to design, Web Empress works to provide you with a website to suit your design criteria.

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